Effects of Tea Variety and Tea Planting Conditions on Tea Quality

2018-08-22 16:32:27 37


First, the impact of tea varieties on tea quality:

1. Color
High chlorophyll content is suitable for making green tea

Low chlorophyll content is suitable for making black tea.


2. Aroma

Different varieties have different aromatic content in fresh leaves.

Among them, the aroma of black tea is most closely related to the variety.
Black tea made from fresh leaves of Chinese type tea trees is mostly geraniol.

Black tea made from Assam type tea trees fresh leaves is mostly aromatic.



Arbor type: tea polyphenols are abundant.

Shrub type: rich in amino acids.


Second, the influence of tea cultivation conditions on tea quality:



Southern Tea Area: made as black tea, red

Northern tea area: made as green tea, green light

Sufficient water: consistent color, oily


Insufficient water: dry 



Alpine tea garden: good for the accumulation of aroma substances

Aroma and Season: Spring>Autumn>Summer



Spring tea tastes mellow and fresh, especially early spring tea.

The ratio of summer tea phenol to ammonia is increased, and the taste of black tea is good.

Single nitrogen fertilizer: made as green tea

Mixed application of nitrogen and phosphorus: made as black tea



Tea shape: spring tea> autumn tea> summer tea