Protecting stomach, how to drink tea scientifically?

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Drinking tea nourishing the stomach or hurting the stomach is an old topic in the tea field . Some people say that drinking tea hurts the stomach. Others say that drinking tea to nourish the stomach. Is drinking tea to nourish the stomach or hurting the stomach?


The stomach is a solid bag, located below the upper abdomen of the lungs. The wall of this bag, called the stomach wall, consists of three layers of tissue, the inner layer is the mucous layer, the middle is the muscular layer, and the outer layer is the serous layer. The mucosal layer has a gastric gland responsible for secreting mucus, gastric acid and pepsin. Stomach acid is very acidic, when the food mass enters the stomach, the stomach acid begins to secrete in great quantities, can make the pH value in the stomach drops below 2.


The effect of drinking tea on the stomach:

First of all, drinking tea can complement moisture, human body moisture is enough, mucous fluid that mucous membrane secretes can be sufficient, mucous membrane epithelium can get better protection. 

Second, the PH value of tea soup is mostly between 5.5-7, which is weak acidity. Compared with the strong acidity of gastric acid, it is insignificant and does not stimulate gastric mucous or neutralize gastric acid.

Third, there is caffeine in the tea soup, which stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and gastrointestinal peristalsis and helps digestion. But if there is no food in the stomach, too much stomach acid will stimulate gastric mucous membrane, burning or stinging discomfort.  So, avoid to drink tea on an empty stomach, still should be noticed.


Black tea warms the stomach ≠ nourishes the stomach


Rumors say "green tea hurts the stomach, black tea nourish the stomach", many people think that black tea can raise the stomach, some people even think that people with bad stomach should drink more black tea, this idea is wrong.


Some medical experts said that although black tea is warm, it cannot simply be equal to the stomach. Although tea polyphenols in tea have great use, they have good effects on anti-cancer, but tea polyphenols have astringent properties, which are irritating to the stomach, especially in the case of fasting. Although black tea is fermented and dried, compared with green tea, the tea polyphenols undergo oxidation reaction during fermentation, the content is reduced, and the stomach is not as irritating as green tea. 


Therefore, even if black tea warm, and spleen-stomach warm characteristics, not everyone is appropriate. People with bad stomachs should also be on guard against drinking black tea, especially too much red tea, and lots of caffeine will also irritate the stomach. Therefore, black tea warm stomach has a certain reason, but with nourishing the stomach is two different things.


Protecting the stomach, how to drink tea scientifically?


Tea can be cold and cold, and people's physique also has a difference between cold and heat. Whether drinking tea nourishes stomach or hurts stomach, it depends on the season, and it varies from person to person. If you are a hot physique, the body is full of fire, and you can drink hot green tea. Then if your stomach is cold, if you have stomach problems, drink less cold green tea, drink some warm tea, drink more black tea, and cooked pu’er. In addition, patients with stomach problems should not drink tea or drinks immediately after eating. It takes at least 20 minutes to drink tea or drinks. In addition, when eating, it is not appropriate to drink tea, which will lead to indigestion.