How to distinguish new tea from old tea

2018-09-25 16:30:20 36


Identify new and old teas

1.    Look at the appearance 

The color has obvious difference, new tea is more green, old tea compared with new tea, the color is more yellow.  

The appearance of new tea is bright green and shiny and new tea has a strong smell of tea ;

The appearance of the aged tea is dark and dull, with a low aroma. If the tea leaves are blown hot by mouth, the moist leaves are yellow and dry, with a cold smell.

2.       Look at the tea soup 

When the new tea is brewed, the tea leaves sink faster, and the aroma is strong and lasting. The tea soup is green in color and tastes sweet and refreshing ;

When brewing the old tea the tea sink slowly, the aroma is not high, brewing tea soup dark yellow color, although the taste is mellow but not refreshing.  

3.       Look at the tea dregs

The green at the bottom of the new tea is yellowish, and the bottom of the leaf is bright and tender;

But the bottom of the old tea is not bright and has no fresh and tender feeling.

4.        Look at the water content

The general water content of new tea is low , water content is below 7% under normal conditions,the tea leaves are loose, hard and brittle. Gently kneaded with your fingers, the tea leaves become powdery.

Due to the long storage time, prolonged moisture absorption, general moisture content is relatively high, tea is wet and soft and heavy, can not be squeezed into powder with the fingers, can only be a fine piece, tea stem is not easy to break.