Tea is the best teacher

2018-09-25 16:10:29 16


It takes a teacher to transmit wisdom impart knowledge and solve doubtsTea so wash away your thirst and help you think about it.There will always be people in your life who will change your life. These can be called "teachers"

But tea people's life has a special "teacher" more than ordinary people , this is tea. 

Tea is a good teacher. It teaches us a lot .


Tea teaches us simplicity

When we drink tea, the aroma of tea is never too warm, but will continue to soak our whole body and mind . Friends who like tea have never been in pursuit of stimulation.  The impetuosity of today's society, fundamentally speaking, is due to people's spiritual emptiness and blind pursuit of stimulation, so they lose their simple life attitude, and finally they drift into unconsciousness without knowing what they should do .

Society is very noisy, very impetuous, lamps are red wines are green , in this colors , many people have gradually lost themselves .  I like drinking tea, because tea does not have so many miscellaneous color, it comes from the mountain, only to enter the cup, become the best tea, tea taught me simplicity.

Life is like tea, the true meaning of life, should follow the way of nature, with a simple attitude to all, can not have the slightest flashy, once flashy, step will be unstable, life is easy to get lost.


Tea teaches us kindness

To learn tea, one can cultivate one's morality and cultivate one's character. Most people who drink tea have a good mind and believe that "people are born good in nature". Always be kind to the things around you  If others need help, you will do your best to help them .

Tea teaches us patience

Making tea is not a simple thing. From boiling water and washing cups to tasting and serving tea, every detail needs to be treated with patience. You may be a hothead before drinking tea, but after tea, you will find yourself becoming a patient person without knowing it.

Tea teaches us tolerance

Tea ceremony, pay attention to a "harmony" character. People who drink tea have a tolerant heart.

Tea teaches us justice

Every piece of tea comes from the deep mountains. After the wind and the sun, day and night conversion. After the hands of the tea farmers, it crosses a thousand miles and comes to our cups and turns into sweets.

Tea teaches us to enjoy life.

People who drink tea have a much slower pace of life than the average person. They make a cup of tea for themselves after leisure, savor it carefully, and find that they enjoy the beauty of life.Life has tea in eyes, tea in heart, tea in love, tea in books, drinking tea , half a cup is warm, half a cup is cool .

Tea clear heart: drinking tea nourishes the mind, relaxes the body, calms the mind, and tastes the essence of fine health. Tea is beauty, tea is life, and tea Is a kind of eighty-four thousand Dharma.

Tea, in fact, is the best teacher.