What kind of tea is suitable or best for the covered-bowl?

2018-09-25 15:51:03 30


Nowadays, most of the old tea lovers who like to drink tea will have their own favorite covered-bowl of tea set, which shows the universal use of the covered-bowl in tea set. So the question is, what kind of tea is suitable for the covered-bowl brewing? In fact, the covered-bowl is suitable for brewing any tea, so it is also called "universal tea set" by the tea industry. However, although it is suitable for brewing any tea, it is not the best option for some tea. Next, the Tea People’s Wharf will use a 120ml covered-bowl as an example to share with tea lovers the experience of brewing six big tea categories:

First, Black Tea

The covered-bowl can be used for brewing Lapsang Souchong, Jinjunmei, Dian Hong, Keemun and other black tea, especially when using white porcelain covered-bowls to brew black tea, it is more convenient to observe the color of tea soup, and control the concentration of tea, etc. When brewing black tea, you can use the circle water injection method, that is, water can be injected along the wall of the covered-bowl, and the amount of brewed tea should be controlled at 5-6 grams. In addition, when brewing the temperature should not be too high, almost 90° is suitable, but in fact for high-quality black tea, you can also use boiling water to brew. 

Second, Green Tea

In fact, green tea is more suitable for brewing in transparent glass, such as West Lake Dragon-Well, Biluochun, Huangshan Maofeng, Xinyang Maojian, etc. However, it is also possible to brew green tea in a covered-bowl. When brewing, the boiling water can be swirled clockwise or counterclockwise against the tea leaves, so that the tea leaves are fully tumbling and the taste is more abundant. The green tea brewed in the covered-bowl is generally like a cup of tea in Chengdu, which is directly served by a single person, it can also be served by a fair cup.

 Third, Oolong Tea

Covered-bowl is more suitable for brewing oolong tea, such as: Tie Guanyin, Wuyi Rock Tea, Fenghuang Dancong etc. When brewing, you can use the circle or the fixed point to fill the water. When the water is fixed, it is best to continue to fill the water along the wall of the cup. The amount of brewed tea is controlled at about 8 grams.

Fourth, Dark Tea

To be honest, dark tea such as Puerh tea, Anhua dark tea, and Liubao tea are relatively high in concentration. It is suitable for brewing with a large teapot, but it can also be brewed with the covered-bowl. When brewing dark tea with a covered-bowl, you can use the circle water injection method. However, since the dark tea is made in a special way, it is best to wash the tea twice in order to remove various impurities.    

Fifth, White Tea

White tea is more suitable for brewing with a covered-bowl. It is best to use a white porcelain covered-bowl to brew. The white porcelain covered-bowl does not absorb fragrance and does not absorb flavor, it can retain the aroma and taste of white tea to the utmost extent. When brewing Baihao Yinzhen and White Peony tea, you can use the circle water injection method; when brewing Gong Eyebrow tea and Mei Eyebrow tea, you can use the spiral water injection method, and the brewing tea amount can be controlled at about 5 grams, then white tea tastes better. Of course, for the old white tea, after brewing in the covered-bowl, you can also have boil drinking in pot.

Sixth, Yellow Tea

The well-known Junshan Silver Needle, Mengding yellow tea, Huoshan yellow tea and so on in the yellow tea, they are all relatively tender and should not be brewed with boiling water, like Junshan Silver Needle, it is suitable to be brewed with water temperature around 70°. Yellow tea is commonly brewed with transparent glass, but it can also be brewed with the covered-bowl. When brewing, the water is washed clockwise or counterclockwise on the tea leaves in a spiral style like green tea, so that the tea leaves are fully soaked, making the taste more mellow and fresh.

The above is a brief introduction to the use of the covered-bowl to brew six major teas, and also welcomes tea lovers to exchange ideas. In summary, the author of the Tea Man Pier feels that using the covered-bowl to brew black tea and oolong-tea-grade white tea, the taste and aroma of tea is the best.