Legend of Huangshan Maofeng

2018-09-25 15:00:21 19

Located in the southern part of Anhui Province, Huangshan is a famous tourist attraction, and the famous tea “Huangshan Maofeng” in the mountains has excellent quality. Speaking of this precious tea, there is an interesting legend.

During the Tianqi period of the Ming Dynasty, the new county magistrate Xiong Kaiyuan of Jiangnan County took the book to Huangshan Spring Tour and lost his way. When he met an old monk with a waist and a bamboo pole, he stayed in the monastery.When the elders make tea, the county knows that the tea is yellowish in color, resembling a tongue, wearing a white, boiling water, and seeing the hot air around the bowl, turning to the center of the bowl and rising straight.About a foot high, then turn a circle in the air and turn into a white lotus.The white lotus flower slowly rose into a cloud, and finally spread into a hot air, and the fragrance was full.


After the new county magistrate asked, he realized that the name of the tea was Huangshan Maofeng.At parting, the elder presented a bottle of tea and a bottle of calabash from huangshan spring water, and ordered that the water must be used for brewing to appear white lotus wonder.

After Xiong county magistrate returned to the county management office, he was interviewed by the old friend, the magistrate of Taiping county, and he would perform the performance of Huangshan Maofeng.The the magistrate of Taiping county was very pleasantly surprised. Later, he went to the capital to play the emperor and wanted to offer a gift to the fairy tea.


The emperor ordered that he enter the palace, but he did not see the white lotus scene, and the emperor was furious. The magistrate of Taiping County has only to be said according to the fact that Xiong Kaiyuan, a magistrate of the county, is offering.The emperor immediately ordered Xiong Kaiyuan to enter the palace for trial. After Xiong Kaiyuan entered the palace, he knew that he had not used the Huangshan spring water to brew, and asked for the reason to return to Huangshan for water. The magistrate Xiong came to Huangshan to meet the elders, and the elders delivered him to him. In the presence of the emperor, the Huangshan Maofeng in the jade cup was brewed again, and the white lotus wonders appeared. The emperor beamed and said to xiong zhi county, "I think you have done a good job in serving tea.Appoint you governor of south China, and you can be appointed in three days.” The magistrate Xiong felt all over the place and thought to himself, “Huangshan famous tea is still of high quality, let alone be a man?” So he took off his official uniform and went to the Yungu temple in Huangshan mountain to become a monk, the legal name Zhengzhi. At present, there is a berberian master tomb pagoda along the road under the Yungu temple where green pines entered the clouds and built bamboo roads. It is said that it is the tomb of the monk Zhengzhi