What is the standard for high-end Pu'er tea?

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1.High drinking value and good taste

The primary characteristic of high-end tea is its basic quality, that is, high consumption value and good taste. Bad tea, no matter how say high end, cannot understand this is high end tea. Everybody can understand that.

2.The rarity of raw materials

Any product can be divided into high-end, mid-end and low-end. And the high-end pu 'er tea, more often performance as raw materials of rare.

This rarity, which can be divided numerically, produces under 10 per cent of high altitude ancient tree tea, which is high-end, while about 20 per cent is mid-end. The large production of low-altitude and high-yielding tableland tea, accounting for 70 percent of the output, can be understood as low-end.From the raw material price system to be divided: above 200 yuan/kg is the high-end, above 500 yuan is the high-end products, above 1,500 yuan can be considered as the top products, of course, the premise is the real goods.The tea between 80 and 200 yuan per kg can be considered as mid-end tea; The tea of 40~80 yuan, can think is low-end tea.The tea below 40 yuan is the low of the low, while the tea below 20 yuan is the garbage tea.The price of raw materials is determined by the market. Good raw materials and good prices sometimes deviate from the value curve. 20 yuan per kilogram of tea, no matter how you pack, how you make it, what kind of brand, cannot be high-end.

3.Name-brand does not equal high-end

Brands have a certain relationship with the high-end, but it does not represent the high-end, because the brand name has popular brands and high-end brands.A simple example, the popularity of Great Wall Dry Red wine in China, especially in third-tier cities and fourth-tier cities, will definitely be higher than Lafite, because it is China's famous mass brand.The large amount of domestically recognized shipments is equivalent to a big brand, and the quality of a big brand is very good. This is quite wrong.Compared with red wine, I believe that the output of Great Wall Dry Red wine is higher than that of Lafite, but if the Great Wall and Lafite are high-end brands, it is a ridiculous and generous.

4.High end does not equal high price

The same raw materials, finished products, have different sales strategies. Each manufacturer has different costs, different sales channels, different sales strategies, and different market judgments. There will be different price systems. This is actually irrelevant to whether it is high-end.

A.Market position determines price

The unique Maotai, whether you love to drink or not to drink, drink, rise tens of hundred, is meaningless to public consumers,Therefore, despite the price increase, I believe there is no impact on Maotai.

B.Market capacity determines price

Some so-called high-end brand pu 'er tea is actually made for special objects, and a symbolic sky-high price is unveiled to consumers, not for sale to ordinary consumers, but as a benchmark price for government procurement.The government's actual purchase price, a discount of three to four percent of the benchmark price, seems to have saved a lot of money. These small market capacity space, the price must be high.A drop of 1,000 yuan for a 8,000 yuan cake of tea will not increase sales.Danyan brand takes root in the Internet with the most fierce competition, does not make official tea, does not overcharge familiar customers, completely relies on the excellent product quality and the competitive price, promotes the brand to develop rapidly.

C.High-priced tea is not necessarily of high quality, let alone high-end

The complexity of the Chinese market determines the high price of tea, sometimes just beautiful packaging, or a long history.

However, the box made of gold is loaded with a tea with a cake of ten yuan, let me say that it is a high-end tea, I can't agree.

80 years of antique tea, if it is difficult to drink, although you sell for 1 million yuan, I am also very difficult to distinguish high-end tea.

I would rather think that the oldest tea is a high-end tea because the raw materials are rare.

So far, the pu-erh tea market has not, strictly speaking, produced a true high-end brand, but it has produced high-end tea based on high-end raw materials.The cultivation of an aristocracy does take a number of years. The history of modern tea making goes back to the middle and late 1990s, but the large-scale selected production was in 2008 after the pu 'er tea bubble burst in 2007.There are many high-end brands, but they are just so.But the raw materials are different. Old Banzhang, black hemp, Yibang, rough brick, etc., these are called high-end raw materials, I think, people who know tea, no one will object.

The conclusion: China doesn't have a high-end brand of pu 'er tea, but it does. This point, with the situation of the national tea industry, there are famous tea areas, no brand-name products. West lake longjing tea is a famous tea, but what brand of west lake longjing can serve the public and is considered as a high-end brand, which is really not.

5. Non-high-end conversion to high-end situation

A.The increase of aging leads to the increase of quality

Many humble new teas, aged for more than 10 years and 20 years, taste exceptionally good and are listed as high-end teas. For example, the legendary 88 Pu 'er tea, never sold out of 88 Pu 'er tea.

B. Non-famous tea area becomes famous tea area

Old Banzhang, Iceland, Xigui, and then the example of the chapter three team. These tea zones have changed from non-famous to famous, with the sharp rise in the price of raw materials and the general recognition of the market, making the unknown tea zones into well-known tea zones and the original tea made into high-end tea.

C. A kind of behaviour

The people who make the tea are famous, which makes the ordinary tea high-end, namely the celebrity effect. The zisha teapot industry is a typical example, are waiting for the title to rise, the price of the original pot rose. The same is true of the pu 'er tea industry.

D.Over Package

Using famous calligraphy and painting, add gold and silver packaging and so on, tea has been high-end.

The first two are high-end normal processes, and the latter two are abnormal paths.

In summary, the single price is used to measure whether it is high-end. At the current stage, the Pu'er tea industry is definitely not suitable, or it is more reliable from the value of raw materials. Pu'er tea industry, there is no high-end brand, this reality, at least in the next 5 to 10 years, there will be no major changes. In summary, the single price is used to measure whether it is high-end. At the current stage, the Pu'er tea industry is definitely not suitable, or it is more reliable from the value of raw materials. Pu'er tea industry, there is no high-end brand, this reality, at least in the next 5 to 10 years, there will be no major changes.