China's Top Ten Famous Teas -

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Wuyi Dahongpao is the wonder of Chinese famous tea. It is known as the "tea in the champion" and is the king of Wuyi rock tea which is called the national treasure.

There are many varieties of Wuyi rock tea, which are generally named after the name of tea tree variety. The quality of tea is closely related to the quality of tea tree. Wuyi Dahongpao belongs to the famous "Mingcong", and its collection has a history of more than 300 years. 

Dahongpao grows on the high rock cliffs of the Jiulong Cave in Wuyi Mountain. The Dahongpao stone inscriptions made by the monks of Tianxin Temple in 1927 are still preserved on the rock wall.

Dahongpao tea tree is a shrub type, a thousand-year-old tree with scarce production and is regarded as a rare treasure. The leaves are thicker and the buds are slightly reddish. When the tea buds sprout in the early spring, they look far away. The whole tree is red and red, like a red robe. When the sun shines on the tea trees and rocks, the red is very dazzling.


The shape of Wuyi Dahongpao is tightly knotted, and the color is green and brown. After brewing, the soup is bright orange and the leaves are red and green. It has the obvious beauty of “green leaf red trim”. The most outstanding feature of Dahongpao's quality is its aroma, high and long-lasting flavor, mellow taste, and the fragrance of the teeth after the drink, "rock rhyme" is obvious.

Dahongpao is currently divided into three types: the mother tree Dahongpao (the Dahongpao in history, which is originally rare, and the Dahongpao, which is recognized as the only one on the rock wall of the Jiulong, is located in the Jiulong Temple in the Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area.)、Purebred Dahongpao (referring to a certain line in the mother tree Dahongpao, which was separately cut and bred and cultivated, and was separately processed and processed into Dahongpao.)、Mixing Dahongpao (referring to the Dahongpao of the tea of more than two lines in the mother tree Dahongpao.)


The most familiar Dahongpao, the first Dahongpao tea tree, is located in Jiulongtun, Wuyi Mountain Scenic Area. There are 6 tea trees, which are protected by the national level 1. The tea production is less than one kilogram per year.

At the auction of the 7th China Wuyishan Dahongpao Tea Culture Festival in 2005, 20 grams of Dahongpao mother tree tea sold a price of RMB 28,000.

According to the "Wuyishan World Cultural and Natural Heritage List" approved by the United Nations, Dahongpao has been recorded as a world heritage of Wuyishan as an ancient and famous tree.

In 2006, the relevant state departments kept the mother tree Dahongpao stopped picking. The basics that are currently available on the market are asexually propagated through the mother tree Dahongpao (the asexual reproduction of Dahongpao maintains the excellent characteristics of the female parent in the specific ecological environment of Wuyishan), and the price ranges from several hundred to several thousand.


Dahongpao has a good effect on anti-cancer, blood fat reduction and memory enhancement.

The selection of Dahongpao is different from that of ordinary black and green green tea. The fresh leaf picking standard is that the new bud leaves are mature and have no foliar water, no damage, and uniformity.Moreover, it should be avoided as much as possible in rainy days and with dew water, different varieties, different rocks, different tea greens, and should not be confused.

Drinking Dahongpao, in addition to watching its color and refreshing, it is fragrant and heart-warming, it has its efficacy and comfort, and it also shows the beauty of Wuyi and the cliff scenery between the cups and shadows.