Simple and practical way to buy oolong tea: look, smell, touch, brew

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Buy oolong tea: look, smell, touch, brew

Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea. It is between black tea (full fermentation) and green tea (not fermented). It has a unique flavor, but its variety and quality are also uneven. How to choose the best oolong tea? The insiders introduced the simple and practical method of purchasing oolong tea: look, smell, touch, brew. 

The first is to look at it, that is, to look at its shape. Hold the dry tea in the hand and look at the light to see if the color of tea is fresh. The color of the winter tea should be green, and the spring tea should be blackish green which is best to have sand green hoarfrost. If the tea is dark yellow and dry, it is inferior. At the same time, you need pay attention to whether the red edge is hidden, and the red edge indicates that the fermentation is moderate, while those with small particles, bright oil, and white leaves are the undergrowth. 

The second is to smell, that is, smell the tea. Hand holding dry tea, burying your head against the tea, and taking three breaths. If the aroma is continuous and getting stronger, it is a good tea, while those with green odor or miscellaneous taste are inferior.     Then, it is touch, that is, how the tea feels. The softness of the spherical tea is insufficient for drying. The good tea is shaken in the hand to feel the weight, and too light is the thin taste, too heavy is the bitter taste. Strip-type tea, such as the tip of the leaf, has a thorny feel, which is too tender or insufficient to cause water accumulation that makes the tea taste bitter.

The last is to brew, that is, brewing soup. This is also the most important step in tea trials. The tea merchants usually try to grab a large amount of tea and fill the teapot. In fact, try a cup of porcelain, 5 grams of tea, and pour 150 ml of boiling water for 5 minutes. Then take a small spoon and pull out the tea to see how the soup is. If it is turbid, it is insufficient of fried green; if it is thin, it is tender and insufficient fermentation; if the leaves are yellow and cracked, it is over-fired. Good tea soup, bright and thick, depending on the variety and method, from light yellow, honey yellow to golden. Take the spoon and smell it. Be careful not to have grassy green taste. The grass green taste is caused by the lack of rigor oolong tea making. If the tea has a green taste, once you increase the amount of tea, you will have a little bit of dip, the soup is darker. In addition, as the good quality, aroma still exists even if the tea is cooled.

Insiders pointed out that the basic principle of purchasing oolong tea is to reduce leaf amounts, more water and long brewing. The advantages and disadvantages of this kind of tea will be fully presented and can be seen at a glance.