Talking about Chinese Tea Culture

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Tea, one of the world's three major drinks, has been used and consumed in China for thousands of years. Since the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, China has recorded a large amount of literature on tea. The "Tea Classics" written by Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty has made a more complete summary of the Chinese people's experience of tea in that era.

The "Tea Classic" written by Lu Yu in the Tang Dynasty is the earliest book of tea in the world, and is known as the encyclopedia of tea.


In the sixth section of the "Tea Sutra", "Drinking" in the book "Tea for Drink, Sending to Shennongshi" shows that China discovered some of the effects of tea thousands of years ago. Later, in the long history of China, the record of tea is a certification of the long history of tea in China. 

Others such as the Western Han Sima Xiangru "Wan Jiang", the Western Han Dynasty Yang Xiong "Yu Xuan messenger language interpretation of other countries dialect", Western Han Dynasty Chen Shou "Three Kingdoms Wu Zhi Wei Biography" and other tea-related content.

During the Warring States period, tea had a certain scale, mostly for high-class groups. By the time of the Jin Dynasty, the literati and the sects in the Jiangnan area had popular tea drinking, and the folks also had the habit of drinking tea. With the Tang Dynasty, the whole people generally drank tea, Tang Dynasty tea. The industry began to flourish, teahouses and tea parties appeared, and every household welcomed the guests with tea. The Chinese tea ceremony also began to develop from the Tang Dynasty.


China has a long time to grow tea and drink tea, but in a strict sense, the real rise of tea culture originated from the Tang Dynasty. The "Tea Classics" system written by Lu Yu summarizes the experience of tea production and drinking in Tang and before. The literati in the Tang Dynasty paid attention to the spiritual enjoyment and morality of tea, paying attention to tea set, water and tea, and blending with the Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism thoughts at that time. In the process of tea drinking by some scholars, many tea poems were also created. And it has been passed down to the present, which laid the foundation for Chinese tea culture.


Tang Dynasty - Zhou Yi - Tea and Music 


Tang Dynasty - Tang Yin - Cooking the Tea

With the advancement of human society, the medical health value of tea has been continuously discovered. Nowadays, according to the production process and origin of tea, there are more than one hundred different categories in six categories. Tea has entered all aspects of people's lives. With the improvement of material living standards, more people began to engage in tea, as a self-cultivation connotation, tea has become an indispensable part of spiritual life.