Healthy and wrong way to drink tea

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Tea is a good thing. Different kinds of tea are good for people, but if you don't pay attention, it will cause a lot of harm. What do you have to pay attention to?

Ø Tea has a refreshing effect, so try to drink less tea at night, especially strong tea. It is best not to drink tea 2 hours before going to bed, otherwise it will affect sleep and may lead to insomnia.

Ø Try not to drink the tea soaked for the first time. The dust and harmful substances on the tea leaves are dissolved in the tea water. It is safer to clean once.

Ø Do not drink tea on an empty stomach, especially those who do not drink tea often, which can cause palpitation, dizziness, weakness of hands and feet, palpitations, and a large stomach irritation that causes stomach problems.

Ø People with stomach discomfort or stomach problems should not drink tea regularly. The theophylline and tea polyphenols contained in the tea have a stimulating effect on the stomach and will increase the discomfort of the stomach. Especially for patients with stomach problems, drinking tea often reduces the recovery of the disease.

Ø Drugs and tea can not be consumed at the same time, which will reduce the efficacy.

Ø Try not to drink overnight tea, because the nutrition of this tea has been lost, and it is easy to breed bacteria, especially in summer.

Ø Do not drink tea when you have a fever, because the theophylline contained in the tea has the effect of increasing body temperature.

Ø Pregnant women, lactating women, menstruating women should not drink too much tea. The tannic acid contained in tea will hinder the body's absorption of iron and inhibit the secretion of milk; caffeine will increase the heart and kidney load. Tea polyphenols may cause menopausal women to have faster heartbeat and poor sleep quality.

ØPeople with anemia should not drink tea, especially strong tea. The tannic acid component contained in the tea species will hinder the body's absorption of iron and will aggravate the symptoms of anemia. It is not advisable to drink tea after eating animal liver, otherwise it will hinder the body's absorption of iron.

Ø People with urinary stones should not drink tea. Tea contains oxalic acid, which is the main component of urinary calculi. Drinking tea can affect the formation and growth of calcium oxalate stones, making the disease worse.

Ø A small amount of tea for people with constipation can have a good effect on digestion and platooning. However, excessive drinking will increase constipation, because the elements in tea and the protein in food will combine into non-digestible substances, affecting the work of intestinal motility.

Ø People with high blood pressure and heart disease should not drink more tea. Excessive tea drinking, especially strong tea, can lead to high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

Ø People with liver and kidney disease should not drink more tea. The caffeine contained in tea is not conducive to the recovery of liver and kidney function.

Ø It is not advisable to drink cold tea. Cold tea has the side effects of stagnation and phlegm on the human body, especially women with cold constitution.

Ø Some foods rich in egg white (bovine and mutton, fish, poultry, milk, eggs, etc.) should not be eaten with tea. The tannic acid, tannic acid and other substances contained in the tea will react with the protein, newly produced. Substances can weaken intestinal peristalsis, affecting the digestive system and causing constipation.

ØDrinking tea should not be used after drinking alcohol. Alcohol is more irritating to the kidneys, and theophylline is diuretic, which accelerates the kidney load. At the same time, the double stimulation of tea and alcohol on the heart increases the load on the heart. People with heart disease should not drink tea after drinking.


There are many types of tea, so what do you need to pay attention to when drinking different kinds of tea?

Green tea

Ø New tea and less drink: The new green tea has a relatively short period of pure release, contains many non-oxidized polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols, etc., which has a strong stimulating effect on the stomach and is easy to induce stomach diseases. New teas that are stored for less than half a month should be avoided.

Ø Stomach cold and drink less: Green tea is cold, and excessive drinking can cause stomach upset.

Black tea

ØStomach heat less drink: black tea is hot, has the effect of warming the stomach, people with stomach heat drinking too much black tea will cause stomach upset.

Ø People who are prone to fever have less tea: black tea is hot, and it is easy to cause symptoms such as redness, red lips, dry mouth, bad breath, and prolonged acne.

Pu'er tea

Ø Drink with the bubble: Pu'er tea soaked for too long, the material contained in the tea is excessively precipitated, and soaking for too long will cause oxidation of these substances, which will affect the taste and damage the nutrients.

Ø Not suitable for cooking: No matter whether it is raw or cooked tea, it is not suitable to cook. The concentration of Pu'er is too high, not only the taste is not good, but also the spleen and stomach. Moreover, the high temperature of boiled tea will also destroy the beneficial substances such as vitamins contained in the tea.

Ø The raw sputum that has just been produced should not be drunk. The unoxidized substances contained in it have a stimulating effect on the heart. It is highly excited and flustered. It is best to drink it for more than one year.


Quote a sentence, "Although tea is good, don't be greedy!"