• About the aroma, soup color and causes of the formation of the six tea teas

    It is said that the simplest tea fragrance contains more than 200 kinds of aroma substances. Many teas have aromas that are compounded by a variety of fragrances, or at the same time, or at different

    2018-08-22 93

  • What are the functions and effects of Lapsang Souchong ,black tea?

    Lapsang Souchong tea soup is bright red, with a sweet taste, natural round long taste and unique pine smoke. It is a famous historical tea in China. It was exported to Europe in the early 17th century

    2018-08-22 108

  • China's Top Ten Famous Teas -

    Wuyi Dahongpao is the wonder of Chinese famous tea. It is known as the "tea in the champion" and is the king of Wuyi rock tea which is called the national treasure.There are many varieties o

    2018-09-25 96

  • Healthy and wrong way to drink tea

    Tea is a good thing. Different kinds of tea are good for people, but if you don't pay attention, it will cause a lot of harm. What do you have to pay attention to?Ø Tea has a refreshing effec

    2018-09-25 74

  • What are the effects and taboos of Tieguanyin?

    Tieguanyin belongs to oolong tea, which has a unique taste, high quality tea, and many benefits.Six benefits of drinking Tieguanyin tea1.RefreshingTieguanyin can refresh the mind, and its function is

    2018-09-25 38

  • Drinking tea on the basis of seasons? Why is that?

    Many people have the habit of drinking tea, and depending on the nature and variety of different teas, they will drink different teas in different seasons. What is the reason?Chinese medicine believes

    2018-09-25 39

  • What is the standard for high-end Pu'er tea?

    1.High drinking value and good tasteThe primary characteristic of high-end tea is its basic quality, that is, high consumption value and good taste. Bad tea, no matter how say high end, cannot underst

    2018-09-25 55

  • Talking about Chinese Tea Culture

    Tea, one of the world's three major drinks, has been used and consumed in China for thousands of years. Since the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, China has recorded a large amount of literat

    2018-09-25 43

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