Congratulations on the successful awarding ceremony of CHINESE TEA and CCTV Project One-Town-One-Product

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The awarding ceremony of CHINESE TEA and CCTV Project One-Town-One-Product was held in China National Trade Promotion Association on June 22, 2018. On the same day, more than 100 people including CCTV leaders, business representatives, industry experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and the media attended the conference to witness the grand convening of the festival.


As a national core media, CCTV has the responsibility and obligation to build national brands, and according to its own media functions, it can better promote the practical actions of the characteristic town brand strategy. Through the CCTV Project One-Town-One-Product, CHINESE TEA will deeply explore the economic and cultural connotations of regional characteristics, vigorously spread the spirit of Chinese artisans, tell the story of Chinese ingenuity, create local business cards, establish industry benchmarks, and promote the development of local industries.


Mr. Zhao Lifan, the former deputy editor-in-chief of CCTV, awarded to Liu Gengdan, the chairman of CHINESE TEA.

As one of the most important symbols of the Chinese nation, tea has carried the civilization of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, while China has always been a great tea country and the birthplace of the world tea culture. CHINESE TEA GROUP HOLDINGS CO.,LTD(CHINESE TEA in short), was established in 2012. It is a new brand of innovation promoted by the strategic cooperation alliance of the Chinese tea industry. CHINESE TEA with promoting Chinese culture as its mission, has been devoted to finding the original cost-effective tea, primarily refining tea leaves, advocating untraditional production and marketing mode, reforming innovation and rising in the harsh winter of the tea industry, building a new mode of prospective sales terminal and forming the most distinctive sharing economy for consumers in the tea industry, the cultural town featured by a complex of ecological tea plantations and Internet+IoT platforms for the operation of teahouse chains. For a long time, CHINESE TEA has been committed to making all participants a stakeholder. While basing itself on the service for tea industry, CHINESE TEA also vigorously carried out the tea industry's extension business and created the tea complex and tea garden town with Chinese traditional cultural characteristics. CHINESE TEA has formed a national strategic layout with Shanghai as its headquarters, Beijing, Fuzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an and Wuhan as regional and functional operation centers, and established eight ecological tea gardens in the country's high-quality tea producing areas.

In the next three to five years, CHINESE TEA will build 500 My Teahouse offline store platforms and 10,000 My Store community service platforms, and simultaneously form 2 million mu of ecological tea gardens, 7 tea professional logistics centers and 4 tea industrial parks, which will be built into a whole industry chain enterprise in the tea industry and form a new business model of economic sharing for consumers and joint operations and unified management for teahouse.

Liu Gengdan, the chairman of CHINESE TEA, interviewed by One-Town-One-Product Project host Chang Ting


In the interview, Mr. Liu Gengdan who is the chairman of CHINESE TEA, repeatedly stressed that “to make tea for people, to increase the income for tea farmers, to spend less money for consumers, and to let the original ecological tea in cheap prices enter thousands of households” , which is also the core value of CHINESE TEA.

Chinese Tea, Chinese Dream. CHINESE TEA follows the national strategy of Belt and Road. Be a good Chinese tea merchant, Make good tea for the world.