Warmly congratulate the Chinese brand strategy development conference held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse

2018-12-05 11:59:32 179


On the afternoon of November 19, a launch event on the development of Chinese brand strategy, co-sponsored by China International Cultural Communication Center, Xinhua Net and China Enterprise Committee, was held at Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing. Liu Gengdan, Chairman of Chinese Tea Group, Jiang Baocheng, General Manager of Beijing Branch of Chinese Tea Group, and Xu Qingzhu, General Manager of Overseas Company of Chinese Tea Group were invited to attend the conference.


▲Liu Gengdan, Chairman of Chinese Tea Group


Jiang Baocheng, General Manager of Beijing Branch of Chinese Tea Group

The leaders attended the meeting:

Long Yuxiang, Executive Chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center

Wu Hongbo,Former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

Zhang Geng, former deputy chief procurator of the Supreme People's Procuratorate

Wang Zhiguo, Former Vice-President of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Liu Xiaojiang, Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress

Hu Deping, Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth CPPCC National Committee and the Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee

Li Xiaolin, Executive Vice-Chairman of Silk Road Planning Research Center

Li Pumin, Former Secretary-General of the National Development and Reform Commission

He Jiaying, Vice-Chairman of China Artistic Association and Vice-Chairman of Contemporary Fine Brushwork Association

Tong Aiming, Chairman of the Center for Cultural and Art Exchange in France

Huajun, Deputy Secretary-General of China Future Research Association

Cheng Ping, President of China's future research association

Wang Gongyi, Chairman of SME Committee of China Future Research Association

Jin Yuanpu, President of the Research Association of Chinese Cultural and Creative Industries

Xin Shaoying, Producer of CCTV Sports Program Center

Yi Changliang, Executive Director of China Development and Reform Research Institute, National Development and Reform Commission

Zhu Wenwei, Vice-Director of the Center for Government Economic Research, National Administration College

Zhang Yongmin, Assistant Chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center

Zhao Dali, Executive Vice-President and Secretary-General of China International Public Relations Association

Li Changming, Executive Vice-President of Confucius Foundation

Dong Xiaoxin, Executive Secretary General of the world organizing committee


The launch event of New Youth Forum in the Era of Cultural Lighting World Series Activities is divided into four parts. The launch event of Chinese brand strategy development is one of the important parts. The Youth Forum of New Youth in the Era aims to build an excellent cultural inheritance system, promote the beauty of ingenuity, peaceful nation memory and era through youth cultural exchanges, and seek common ground. It is also the intrinsic motive force that inspires the new generation's dream power.


Sun Yong, director of China Brand Strategic Development Research Center, said that the establishment of the center is an important measure to gather high-end intelligence, build high-end talents, integrate resources and build high-end think tanks. It will form strategic cooperation with relevant institutions and brand enterprises, and promote the research on brand strategy development and brand communication of the center.


▲Sun Yong,Director of the strategic development board of the Chinese brand

He said at the meeting that brand was image. Brand is an important part of the national image and a shining business card of the country. In the historical process of striding towards the community of human destiny, Chinese brand is the image of our country and the glorious chapter of the Chinese nation standing in the forest of the world's nationalities!

Brand is spirit. The brand contains national spirit, absorbs the nutrients of national culture, and carries the gene of national spirit. Brand spirit can give people a kind of inspiring cohesion and inspiration, form a kind of indestructible spiritual force, and promote the continuous progress of the brand.


▲Xu Qingzhu (left), Sun Yong (middle), Liu Gengdan (right)

Brand is strength. Behind every excellent brand, there is an invisible force leading the direction of the brand. It is like a beacon in the mist, which inspires people to strive for common ideals and goals.

Brand is culture. It is a kind of reputation, a kind of taste, a style and an intangible asset. In the future market competition, whoever owns a famous brand will own the market.

For this reason, we should stand at the height of national strategy, study brand, build brand, promote brand and promote brand. Make it "Chinese brand, national image" deep into the hearts of the people, make brand awareness known to everyone, and strive for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's Chinese dream!