Chinese Tea Group and Chinese tea Olympic Committee Hold Tea Olympics

2018-12-05 11:40:59 163

Tea Olympics, as the highest standard event in tea industry, covers several major competitions that can lead the whole industry in the field of tea at present. It also represents the development and progress of the tea industry and promotes the mutual melting of various resources.


As a socialized enterprise with a sense of responsibility and mission, Chinese Tea Group is committed to creating the most distinctive cultural town of tea industry, a consumer sharing economy and ecological tea garden complex, and an Internet + Internet of things platform for teahouse chain operation.


By the chance of this top-level event in tea industry, Chinese Tea Group officially launched its My Teahouse project and reported the brand value and project exhibition of Chinese Tea Group. Mr. Liu Gengdan, Chairman of the Chinese Tea Group, Chairman of the China Eco-Tea Industry Committee, took an active part in the event. He not only has a zest for tea industry, but also has a sense of mission to promote Chinese tea culture and traditional culture.

From the perspective of enterprises, Chairman Liu hopes that in the future, all the projects of Chinese Tea Group can promote the top competitions like the China Tea Olympics to the whole country and even the world, and support the tea Olympics through the social power and brand influence of enterprises.


Based on serving the tea industry, Chinese Tea Group has formed the whole industrial chain of the real tea industry and created the world tea brand. My Teahouse project overthrows the traditional production and marketing mode, strives for reform and innovation, creates a forward-looking new mode of sales terminal, and forms the most distinctive and innovative comprehensive experience complex of tea culture in the tea industry.