Merry Double Ninth Day Wish You Safe and Sound

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Just as the lyrics say, ” Where time flys? Your eyes got dazed too early that I have not taken care of you……”

In childhood, our parents told us, “You grow up in an eyeblink, if only you have not grown up and stay with us forever……”

Growing up with countless parents nagging and concern, is a kind of grace, in fact, I know you concern me more than I can say.


I love you …


Just like what Long Yingtai writes in see you leave,


“The so-called parents and kids just mean your destiny with him is to watch his back walk further and further in this life. You stand at the end of the path and watch him disappear round the corner of the path. What's more, he tell you quietly from behind, don't chase after him.”


But remember,

Wherever you are, there is always a love from your parents that walks through mountains and rivers, with you a thousand miles away.


Wish you don't forget your parents and come back home often.


See Double Ninth Day every year, yet again this year.


Double Ninth Day began in ancient times, formed in the Spring and Autumn Period, became popular in the Western Han Dynasty and reached peak in the Tang Dynasty.


In the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the festival atmosphere gradually thickened and was appreciated by scholars. It was officially defined as a folk festival in the Tang Dynasty ever since.


On this Double Ninth Day, let’s put aside the busy work, boil a pot of tea, and talk with parents. This time, try to appreciate parents’ nagging, take tea as a companion, with the fragrance, listen to them attentively, wait for them finishing their words.


Double Ninth Day is one of China's four major festivals of ancestor worship. It is time to convey blessings, which is full of love and goodwill. Bring spirit and some chrysanthemums, say a few words and pour a few more glasses of spirit before the relatives’ tombs.


Double Ninth Day is a festival for the old when people will accompany the old to climb mountains, appreciate chrysanthemums, go camping and taste tea.

For tea tasting, I recommend Returning, a kind of Puer Tea, which indicates retuning to wher you comes.

It is Double Ninth Day now. So many homesick travelers shuttle through the busy streets of the city, working hard for their livelihood that but they do not see the people around them. Please treasure your family members­ and friends.


Tasting tea, chrysanthemum tea is the best. If you get infatuated with the fragrance when you appreciate the chrysanthemum, you might as well bubble a cup chrysanthemum tea and see its blooming appearance in the cup.