People's Network: Langxi County helps Yuxi develop gold bud tea base

2018-09-26 17:31:11 22


On March 18th, with a strong affection, 300,000 Huangkui tea seedlings carried by a truck from Langxi county were sent to the Shanshui Interplanting Professional Cooperative in Xiangchang town, Yuexi county. The batch of tea seedlings was provided by Langxi County, it is free of charge to the two counties to build the Golden Bud Tea Planting Base for the professional cooperatives of landscapes.

The Golden Bud Tea Planting Base of the Yuexi County Shanshui Interplanting Professional Cooperative was established in 2014. It had 380 mu of transferred land and built according to the requirements of modern agricultural standardization. It will promote the promotion of new tea varieties, water and fertilizer integration, agricultural internet of things and green prevention and control technology. Under the organization arrangement of Xing Wen and Wang Huaping, the cadres of Langxi and Yuexi, the Langxi County has given excellent seed and technical support to the professional cooperatives in the landscape, and the society will build gold bud tea base according to the requirements of the joint construction. The Bud Tea Base will create leisure, sightseeing and tourism agriculture along the banks of the Gully River, boosting poverty and tackling the difficulties and promoting the common development of the two places.