How to develop green ecological agriculture

2018-09-26 17:06:41 24

With the rapid development of the Internet era, people's living standards are generally improved, environmental pollution and food safety problems become more and more serious. Therefore, people are more and more cautious about the choice of food, pay more and more attention to health and safety. This also brings huge development opportunity for the development of green ecological agriculture.


So, how to develop green ecological agriculture?

1. Develop quality features of green agricultural products according to local conditions.

Nowadays, many people engaged in green ecological agriculture have failed in business, that is, people lack professional agricultural knowledge, blindly follow the crowd, and do not develop quality features suitable to their local conditions. For consumers, only to let them eat at ease, can buy happy. If you grow vegetables that are no different from regular vegetables and have no special quality characteristics, the consumer will definitely not be a repeat customer. Therefore, according to local characteristics according to local conditions, to develop their own green agricultural product quality features.


2.Choose sales channels to accelerate the consumption experience of green agricultural products. 

In the era of rapid development of the Internet, sales channels can not rely solely on traditional sales. If an enterprise is to develop and grow, it must establish a variety of sales channels, hold regular tasting and promotion activities, let consumers taste and purchase fresh vegetables and fruits, and join in shopping APP, such as Meituan, APP for agricultural products, and so on. Or develop an APP of their own to enable consumers to shop online, order delivery to the home of the sales mode, develop a farm financial game belonging to their own APP, combined with Internet finance model, Not only can users make money by planting and breeding game simulation operation, but also can purchase green produce in game mall to obtain game welfare. That is not only can bring consumers green and healthy food, but also can bring consumers the way to make money. Is one of the most popular sales methods at the moment.

3.Form enterprise culture, firm the belief that develops green agriculture.

The third-rate enterprise sells the product, the second-rate enterprise sells the standard, the first-rate enterprise sells the culture. Culture is the sublimation of products and the creation of spirit. So enterprises also need to form their own cultural characteristics of green agriculture at a specific time. When it comes to liquor, you think of Maotai; when it comes to beer, you think of Qingdao and snowflakes. These are the cultures that companies form by sublimating their products. Of course, this can not be formed in a short period of time and need to continue to do a good job step by step to achieve the goal.


Developing green ecological agriculture is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Good quality characteristics, perfect sales channels and ways can slowly create your own corporate culture. In the age of the Internet, farm finance games are one of the most popular channels of sale, both for the welfare of the consumer and for the promotion and sale of their own food.